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International Women’s Day in style!

Bengaluru, March 9: International Women’s Day was celebrated with pious and in style by different organisations in the city. Some organisations organised free health check-ups for women and girl children while a few organisations made women really special by making them come on chariot!

Specialist Hospital organised a free medical check for all women police personnel across five police stations under Bangalore East Police limits.

They underwent a thorough medical check including pap smear, mammography, blood test and consultation with the dermatologist, nutritionist and physiotherapist. In addition, Specialist Hospital has organised a motivational talk session for the hospital’s women staff on 9th March 2022.

Amisha Sethi, popular author and model, winner of Haut Monde Mrs. India Worldwide 2021 and ACP Kavitha MC, Traffic, Bangalore East delivered motivational talks on their life’s journey, struggles and achievements.    

Commenting on the initiative, Kavitha MC, ACP, Traffic, Bangalore East Division said, “By nature of work, police personnel especially from the traffic division, irrespective of being men or women undergo severe stress and can have medical issues caused from being exposed to the elements. This initiative by Specialist Hospital is a welcome and much appreciated one as it gives our women personnel a sense of inclusiveness.”

Speaking at the inauguration, Dr. Shafiq A M, CEO and Director, Specialist Hospital said, “This initiative gives us the honour to be able to serve these police personnel, who have always been tirelessly serving the public of Bengaluru. At Specialist Hospital, we have always recognised women and respect the significant contribution they bring with them. In fact, over 60% of our doctors, nurses and administrative staff are women, which seamlessly gels with the overall theme of this year’s International Women Day – Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.” 

As part of Women’s Day Celebrations 2022, Specialist Hospital will also be conducting special self-defence classes which will be co-ordinated by Gladiator Boxing Academy, Bangalore.

Meanwhile, men of Fidelitus Corp organized Women’s day with great grandeur on Tuesday based on this year’s theme, “Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow”. They welcomed the women with an energetic dance and took them on a parade, on a chariot to make them feel special. Unique games and ramp walks were organized to give them a break from their daily routine at work. 

Women have played a crucial role in my life. My mother, wife and daughter have inspired me to become who I am today. Fidelitus Corp will always stand by gender equality and will continue to give equal credit for the hard work of men and women.

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