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International-Level Sports Arena to be Constructed at Surya Nagar Phase IV – Minister Zameer

Bengaluru, July. 12: The Minister for Housing and Minority Welfare, Zameer Ahmed Khan announced the construction of an international-level sports arena on 100 acres in Surya Nagar Phase IV by the Karnataka Housing Board.

During an inspection of the ongoing development work in Surya Nagar Phase IV, Member of Parliament D.K. Suresh and MLA Shivanna, along with other officials, he said the proposed project would provide opportunities for various sports such as cricket, football, and hockey. Additionally, there will be a model school built on 10 acres of land to cater to educational needs.

Speaking after the inspection, Zameer agreed with the proposal put forward by MP Suresh and MLA Shivanna and said the residents of Surya Nagar would benefit from the allocation of land to farmers for residential purposes. He opined that the sports arena and the construction of the school were essential for the development of the area.

The officials further revealed that the fourth stage extension of the Surya Nagar project is being developed on a suitable piece of land. The development is based on a sharing ratio of 50:50 between the Karnataka Housing Board (KHB) and the landowners. It is estimated that approximately 20,000 sites will be created as part of this extension. Out of these, 10,000 developed sites will be allocated to the landowners, while the remaining sites will be allotted through a process.

The agreement between the KHB and the landowners ensures a fair and balanced approach to the development, allowing for equitable distribution of the developed sites. This extension of the Surya Nagar project holds significant potential in terms of providing housing solutions and promoting urban growth in the region.

Secretary of the Housing Department, Navin Raj Singh, the Commissioner of the Housing Board, Kavita Mannikeri, Chief Executive Engineer  Sharannappa, and the Managing Director of Rajiv Gandhi Housing Corporation, Sushilamma, along with other officials, were present at the event.

Expedite project: The minister, who also visited the mixed-use development project in Surya Nagar Phase IV, which is being developed by the Rajiv Gandhi Housing Corporation, announced the allocation of 19 acres of land for the Chief Minister’s one lakh houses scheme. Additionally, 2387 one BHK and 653 two BHK units will be constructed for the sake of people. 

He urged for the speedy completion of the project within the set timeframe and emphasized the need for extensive publicity of the scheme and coordination with banks to facilitate smooth loan processing. 

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