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Hospital Management course opens up at IIMB

This assures quality and efficiency of healthcare at government healthcare facilities

‘It is a dream come true for me’, Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar after inaugurating a new Hospital Management course at IIMB

Bengaluru, July 2:

Karnataka Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar inaugurated a new Hospital Management course at Bengaluru’s Indian Institute of Management (IIM) on Friday. Speaking at the event, Dr Sudhakar said, “this was like a dream come true for me.”

The new course will promote making the health delivery system holistic in both private and government hospitals according to Dr K Sudhakar.

The course started by IIM in association with Dr Devi Shetty will span a total of 10 subjects including principles of financing, management, economics and strategy. The course will be online, however, will have one day of offline classes to those who are willing to attend.

Minister Sudhakar said that a total of 160 people have registered for the course currently and he urged more people to register.

He further said, “From the time I became the Health Minister, there used to be one permanent agenda on each review meeting with the department – how to train our doctors in administration and management. This is because good or bad management will be the difference between life or death in the medical profession.”

“I wanted officials at the administrative level such as District Health Officers, Medical College Deans, District Surgeons, State Program Officers and Joint Directors to be trained in management as people will get better quality healthcare,” he added.

Most of them are experts in their fields but they won’t know the principles of management thereby reducing the efficiency of functioning and not optimally utilising the resources. This new course will not just be useful to Karnataka but also our entire country.

In a tweet Minister Sudhakar said, “I recall the first time I spoke with IIM Director Rishikesha and Dr Devi Shetty about plugging the managerial skill gaps amongst doctors and healthcare workers to ensure that hospitals, especially in the public sector, are run professionally and efficiently.”

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