March 1, 2024


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Guyana Delegation meets Higher Education Minister

Sought support of the state to adopt best practices in academia

Bengaluru, March 2: The delegation from the Government of Guyana, led by Dr. Jacob Opadeyi, Director at Guyana Online Academy of Learning (GOAL)- an initiative of the Government of Guyana, met Dr.C.N. Ashwath Narayana, Minister for Higher Education, here on Wednesday.

During this meeting, Dr. Jacob appreciated the visionary approach of the Government in various initiatives including the NEP implementation in the state. He also sought the support of the minister to adopt best practices of the state in his country (Guyana).

Responding to this, Minister Narayana extended his support to contribute to the empowering youth in Guyana,

Jacob apprised the Minister, “The Guyana Online Academy (GOAL), Launched in 2021 is a part of the Government of Guyana’s transformative agenda to have an educated workforce. GOAL, through partnerships with several international Universities, will provide a myriad of pertinent programs ranging from Certificates to Doctorates for Guyanese across the length and breadth of the country.”

The primary objective of the GOAL is to deliver 20,000 scholarships by 2025 through a collaboration of agencies including the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Public Service and the Ministry of Labor, Jacob explained.

GOAL has collaborated with Jain (Deemed-to-be University) of Bengaluru and under this collaboration, Jain University offers New Age Online Degree Programs at the Under Graduate and Post Graduate Level to the students of Guyana, Jacob told.

“Also in Partnership with ISDC (International Skill Development Corporation) offers Scottish Qualification (Equivalent to 11th and 12th Standard) to the students of Guyana enabling them to pursue Higher Education which is approved by the Association of Indian Universities as the 10+2 equivalent for getting entry in to the Indian Universities”, he stated.

Tom Joseph, Director for New Initiatives, Jain University said, the reforms in higher education including the Online offerings have helped Indian Universities to mark a global presence and the partnership with the Government of Guyana is a classic example of that.

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