March 4, 2024


Truth Triumphs

Gowdara Gaddala…Isn’t there a public decorum for elected representatives?

Is this how politicians behave? Are they role models?

A development programme at Ramangar district took an ugly turn, right in front of the Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai, due to the verbal altercation between Congress and BJP leaders on Monday.

Unfortunately, voters are left with no chance but to hang their head in shame for having elected such leaders to represent them at state and national level. A verbal brawl broke out between  IT-BT and skill development minister Dr. Ashwath Narayan, Bengaluru South Member of Parliament D. K. Suresh and it also involved MLC Ravi. Mr. Bommai was a mute spectator when all these things were happening right under his nose.

How the brawl broke out?

Supporters of Mr. Suresh shouted anti BJP slogans as alleging that Ramanagara administration failed to follow the protocol and have failed to invite MP appropriately. Irked by this, Mr. Ashwath Narayan allegedly spoke in an provocative manner. Mr. Ashwathnarayan questioned, “Is this how you behave when a chief minister is on the dais. Should you shout like this to ruin the district’s reputation? If you are a man, show it in your work. You create problems by bringing some people to the programme. We did not come here to cheat people, we came here to work.”

This remark obviously provoked Mr. Suresh who was on the dais and walked up to Mr. Ashwathnarayan asking him to take back his words. MLA Ravi also intervened and snached the mike from Mr. Ashwathnarayan.

Interestingly, when Mr. Ashwathnarayan was delivering his speech, Mr. Bommai’s signal (to stop such remarks) was very evident that Mr Ashwathnarayan was allegedly not right while speaking at a public function. However, police and leaders on the dais had to intervene to pacify the leaders who were at loggerheads.

Meanwhile, former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy said that the credit of developing Ramangar goes to JD(S) and how could the BJP and Congress claim credit for it, he questioned. The way Mr. Suresh behaved shows Congress culture, he said.

Revenue minister R. Ashok says, Congress is exhibiting its goonda culture. Even if Mr. Ashwathnarayan’s remark was annoying or disappointing, he should have waited for his turn to speak instead of showing his anger. 

Ultimately, Mr. Suresh defended his action by apologising to Mr. Bommai. He says, “I apologise only to the Chief Minister and not to anybody.   

Simultaneously, all three parties have involved themselves in social media fight through twitter and facebook posts. 

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