September 23, 2023


Truth Triumphs

Govt prepared to fight third wave: Dr.K.Sudhakar

Bengaluru, Dec. 7:
Government is ensuring preparedness in very aspect to mitigate third wave, said health and medical education minister Dr. K. Sudhakar.
Speaking to media after a high level meeting at Vidhanasoudha, Dr.Sudhakar said that responsibilities have been allocated to officials to ensure coordination between departments. The experience of past two waves will help us anticipate and plan accordingly.

WHO alert:
WHO has said that omicron is the fastest speeding variant. Although omicron is not as severe as Delta, it cannot be said to be mild. Those who are fully vaccinated with two doses may not get severe infection. So everyone should get two doses, he said.
More than 29 crore are infected with covid across the world. From December 27 to January 2 the infection has increased by 79%. About 109 countries have not vaccinated even 70%. 36 countries have not even vaccinated 10%. 80% of the cases in ICU are not vaccinated. WHO has requested India to export vaccines to other countries. No country is safe until every country is safe.

Strict rules in state:
More than 99% people in the state are vaccinated with first dose. 80% are vaccinated with two doses. India has today achieved another milestone by crossing 150 crore doses. This is testimony of centre and state government’s good work.

Other points made by minister:

  • Strict surveillance on travellers coming from other countries and states at railway stations, bus stations and airports.
  • Mandatory physical or tele-triaging of infected to assess requirement of hospitalisation. 10,000 medical and nursing students to be roped in for this.
  • Uniform treatment protocol, discharge policy and quarantine guidelines to be released.
  • Green pass to be issued for full vaccinated.
  • Celebrities to be roped in for awareness campaign on vaccination and covid appropriate behaviour.
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