June 23, 2024


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Globally recognised Hidden Disabilities Sunflower programme to aid PRM  

Bengaluru, Dec. 15: The Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru (BLR Airport) has introduced special services for persons with reduced mobility (PRM) and those with hidden disabilities. These initiatives are particularly for persons on wheelchairs or reduced mobility and visually impaired individuals. Entry Gate 5 at Departures will be open for wheelchair users and persons with reduced mobility (PRM). Such passengers can now utilise designated drop-off space at Lane 1 at Departures, and they could also request for priority check-in and a spot in the designated security check lane. For the ease of visually impaired travellers, BLR Airport has also introduced Braille menus at all food establishments.

BLR Airport is now a Sunflower Airport. The globally recognised Hidden Disabilities Sunflower initiative is now introduced at the airport. The programme is designed to discreetly help passengers with hidden disabilities to navigate public places. Hidden disabilities do not have physical signs and may not be obvious. For example, a person with anxiety, diabetes or other such conditions is considered a person with a hidden disability.

Under the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower programme, BLR Airport has introduced the Sunflower Lanyard. Any individual who may need additional support from the airport staff may opt to pick up the lanyard from the Care by BLR service kiosks. With this lanyard, such persons can identify themselves for the airport staff to approach them and help them.

In addition to this, some of the employees at BLR Airport are now trained in sign language to help passengers with hearing and speech disabilities. The staff will also offer additional support, such as extending their time and assisting in guiding them through airport procedures.

Additionally, complimentary buggy services are available at the kerbside and at Arrivals Exit Gate A5 (next to the luggage reclaim area). Spacious pathways, wheelchair-accessible water fountains, wheelchair-friendly facilities, and hospitable lounging places are other additional features at the terminal. 

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