June 23, 2024


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Extend the deadline to pay discount traffic penalty till month end: Gandasi Sadananda Swamy

National Drivers’ Federation president urges driver community and public to utilise the opportunity

Bengaluru, Feb. 3: Karnataka government’s official order allowing a 50 per cent discount on payment of traffic violation fines in the state is a welcome move. However, the deadline to pay the penalty must be extended until end of February instead of February 11, urged president of National Drivers’ Federation Gandasi Sadananda Swamy.

In an official media communique, Swamy stated that post Covid, the driver community is recuperating now. Providing just one week time for payment of traffic violation penalty is insufficient. Extending the time limit until the month end benefits driver community to a great extent to arrange for the money. This move will be a win win situation for both drivers as well as the government as a large number of drivers would pay the penalty to avail the special discount and the government can recover maximum penalty amount, he suggested.

The move on discount on the penalty comes in the wake of a January 27 resolution by the Karnataka State Legal Services Authority to request the state transport department to facilitate “access to justice for all” with regard to traffic fines imposed by the state government across the cities in Karnataka.

The move or one time settlement offeres by the government is historical and the driver community and general public mustvmake use of the opportunity, Swamy appealed.

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