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Expel Araga Jnanendra from BJP for racial abuse: Dr Anand Kumar demands

KPCC former secretary Dr Anand Kumar expelling of Jnanendra for racial abuse against AICC President Mallikarjuna Kharge

Bengaluru, Aug, 6: Coming down heavily against remarks of former home minister Araga Gyanendra who has spoken disparagingly and made racial abuse about AICC president and pioneer of social equality Mr Mallikarjuna Kharge, KPCC former secretary Dr, Anand Kumar expressed outrage against the BJP leader.

Speaking to reporters, he said that a complaint has been lodged with the Bangalore City Police Commissioner to take legal action against Mr Gnaanendra, who has made very low-level comments against Mr Kharge. Countless fans have been hurt by the criticism of a matured politician Mr Kharge.

It is reprehensible that Mr Kharge is criticized in this way without tolerating that he is growing more influential at the national level as AICC President.

Mr Kharge has emerged as a state and national level leader in the last five decades. He has close association with Samajwadi leaders in Shivamogga and has fought for the landless by taking part in Kodagu movement. He shared a good rapport with former Chief Ministers like late J.H. Patel and B.S. Yediyurappa and others.
No one in the history of Mr Kharge’s political stint has ever made a derogatory remark about him, even in the midst of intense struggles inside and outside the assembly and parliament sessions.

This is not a criticism of Kharge but an insult to the entire Dalit community. His statement shows BJP mentality, anti dalit attitude. For this attitude, the oppressed community has taught the BJP a lesson in the recently concluded assembly elections.

Mr Gnanendra should be expelled from the party. If appropriate legal action is not taken against him immediately, Dr. Anand Kumar warned, all dalit associations will hit the road.

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