May 23, 2024


Truth Triumphs

Elect able and honest candidate Krishna Byregowda: Raksha Ramaiah

Bengaluru, April 21: National Youth Congress General secretary MS Raksha Ramaiah pleas to elect model politician

Bengaluru, April 21: With the election fever getting hotter like the scorching Sun, campaigns have taken the steam across the state, especially in Bengaluru which comprises 28 assembly segments.

National Youth Congress General secretary MS Raksha Ramaiah campaigned at Kuvempunagar in Byatarayanapura assembly constituency and sought votes in favour of the Congress candidate Krishna Byregowda.

Seeking the votes in favour of Congress he pleaded the people to root out the corrupt government and instil pro-people government. He further said that Krishna Byregowda is a model politician and always breathes about development and welfare of the constituency and the people.

People are fed up with the corrupt practices of the BJP government and hence Congress will come to power, Raksha Ramaiah predicted and urged the voters of Byatarayanapura to vote in favour of honest and able candidate Krishna Byregowda. 

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