June 4, 2023


Truth Triumphs

DRIFE-Auto, a system with no surge price and commission from drivers

Boon to both passengers and drivers

Bengaluru, Dec. 8: DRIFE, a decentralized ride-hailing platform has revolutionised the auto- transport system and this has turned into boon for both passengers as well as the drivers.

The DRIFE system is built on blockchain technology and is the first-ever blockchain model implemented on the ground. The DRIFE auto is driver friendly app as the promoter charge no commission and is currently operational in Bengaluru connecting drivers to riders.

Addressing media persons on Thursday at the Bengaluru Press Club the DRIFE auto Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and co-founder Firdose Sheikh revealed that
DRIFE has no concept of surge prices for the passengers and no commission fees taken from the drivers and emphasis is given for transparency.

It is a truly open marketplace where the fare is dictated by the community of drivers and passengers. DRIFE charges 0% commission from the drivers, which helps them to earn 100% of the ride fare, enabling a better life for them, he explained.

Aiming to solve the problems crippling the ride-hailing sector, DRIFE is planning to expand its horizon further, and take a leap into the Auto segment, further benefitting the larger mass of people.

A tussle between the transport department and cab aggregators over auto-rickshaw fares has left commuters in Bengaluru in the lurch. Despite the Government fixing minimum fares for auto rides, ride-hailing apps charge more than double the amount with their fares soaring during peak demand, he added.

Auto Drivers will be largely benefitted from DRIFE, as they no longer have to pay commissions to cab aggregators and can take a full fare to their homes. The problem of surge prices will no longer be a problem, assuring the riders to ride at an economical fare, without worrying about the surge prices, he said.

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