July 19, 2024


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Dolo 650 a go-to medicine for Civid-19 and flu


With the COVID-19 and seasonal flu haunting India, Dolo 650 has become a go-to medicine for both.

Interestingly, Dolo 650 is part of the COVID-19 medical kit that every family should keep ready, along with Azithromycin 500 mg, Vitamin C, Ivermectin and Zinc tablets.

Dolo 650 being the most trusted drug as it has very limited side effects is prescribed as a-must medicine post surgeries too. Its hard to find a person who isn’t aware of the tablet – Dolo 650.

Dolo 650 is a household name and has revolutionised the pharma market through its sales. Dolo 650 is now India’s favoured paracetamol brand, with sales of Rs 567 crore since March 2020. In December 2021 the sales of Dolo 650 clocked sales of 28.9 crores the statistics remains the same even for November 2021.

When the Covid-19 was in peak during the second wave, in April and May sales of Dolo 650 touched a whopping Rs 48.9 crores amd Rs. 44.2 crores respectively.

No/less side effects:
Doctors prescribe and vouch for Dolo 650 as it has minimum side effects. Those with kidney problem, heart disease and diabetes are also recommended to consume this medicine, a city doctor Dr. Nagaraj says.

Pride of Bengaluru:
Dolo 650 is manufactured by this Bengaluru based Micro labs.
In 1973, a pharma distributor GC Surana floated Micro Labs Company. Now, it has grown gigantically. Currently, Dileeep Surana son of Mr. GC Surana is MD of the firm.

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