June 13, 2024


Truth Triumphs

Congress Party will split within one month after Narendra Modi assumes power as the  for the third time: Bommai

State government has gone missing. Please find the CM, Ministers: Bommai

Bengaluru: Former Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai predicted the split of the Congress Party within a month after Narendra Modi takes charge as the Prime Minister for the third consecutive time.

Addressing a rally organised by the BJP  here on Wednesday to protest against the failures of the State Government on all fronts, he said no government in the past  has played a drama like the incumbent government. In the second term, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah was trying to save his position by flouting all ideologies and philosophy.

Siddaramaiah responsible

Bommai said there was no development works not the distribution of the drought relief money to farmo. With what morality the CM and his team were protesting in Delhi. They should be ashamed of themselves.  The CM must reveal the funds given to Karnataka during the regimes of the Congress led UPA and the BJP led NDA. While the state received Rs 82000 crore dueing the UPA regime and got Rs 2.82 lakh from the incumbent Modi Government. In fact, Karnataka has received more than RS 2 lakh crore from the NDA Government. The Congress PM Dr Manmohan Singh and the present CM Siddaramaiah have done injustice to the state. Earlier, the states were getting 32 per cent grants and it was hiked to 42 per cent by the PM Modi. There was no relation between the Finance Commission and the Union Government.  During the visit to the states, the commission would consider population, poverty and per capita income while doing allocation of funds.  Accordingly, when the 15th Commission members visited the state, Siddaramaiah government was in power and the same government was now doing the governance.  The government failed to explain the ground reality to the commission. The CM Siddaramaiah was responsible for the decline in the funds from 4.7 per cent to 3.6 per cent. Over 60 lakh people of Karnataka have availed the Ayushman Bharat scheme. Sixty lakh youths have been given loan under the Mudrra scheme. A number of schemes under the Smart City project have been given by the Modi Government. 

The BJP leader said during the UPA regime, the state had received RS 81,795 crore through various taxes and in the NDA regime, Karnataka got Rs 2,82,791 crore. While Rs 60779 crore had been received from the previous UPA Government, it got Rs 2,08,882 crore as development fund. It got a tenure of another two years and by 2026, the state would receive RS 2.5 lakh crore. This would be Rs 1,51,309 crore more than the 14th Finance Commission of the UPA regime. Apart from this, only 6000 km highway had been developed since independence out of various funds from the centre and post 2014, 13500 km highway had been developed during the incumbent Modi Government. The Kisan Samman program has benefitted over 60 lakh farmers.  The Modi Government have 10 crore vaccine to Karnataka during the Covid pandemic and if the Congress Party was in power,  there would have been dead bodies on the streets.

” We started the UKP-3 scheme works but the Siddaramaiah government did not continue. The Upper Bhadra scheme had been stopped . The Union Government had earmarked Rs 5300 crore in its budget for the scheme and the amount will be released only if the state submits a proposal. The works in the Cauvery basin have stopped. We credited the relief amount to the bank account of farmers when the floods ravaged the crops. Any government which will not respond to the needs of women, farmers and common people is as good as a dead.  Mr Siddaramaiah, you see what’s happening in the departments. You are roaming seeing the rampant transfer deals”, he said.

 Bommai said the MLA fund has not been released. Each Congress MLA was promised Rs 25 crore and they have been given a raw deal . If the state treasury is full what was stopping the government from distributing drought relief money. The government has failed to  give Rs 3000 crore promised to the Kalyana Karnataka Development Board despite the assent by the governor.  Siddaramaiah must feel lucky that he has become the CM when Narendra Modi has been the PM. 

Give resignation

The BJP leader urged the CM Siddaramaiah to give resignation for doing injustice to the state. They have emptied the treasury and staged dharna in Delhi to mislead people. The CM has no moral right to protest. The Congress leaders have insulted even the Mahatma Gandhi by having his picture in the advertisement for their Delhi agitation. The entire Vidhana Soudha was empty and the government has gone missing. A warrant must be issued to find out the CM and his ministers.

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