March 4, 2024


Truth Triumphs

Congress failed as an opposition party: CM

Bengaluru. Feb 22: In 2018, people delivered a verdict that “you are unfit to function as the ruling party. The Congress party should have atleast worked as an opposition party. But Congress has failed even as an opposition party, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said.

Speaking to media persons in Vidhana Soudha, he said, a shroud of politics has fallen on the party and its leaders. Looking at everything through the veil of politics and hatred would not bring any political gains for the party and its leaders in future. The legislature session was scheduled to be held till Friday. But they compelled it to be cut short abruptly today itself. It is really sad. The opposition leaders frequently demand for a legislature session to discuss issues of public importance. But when the house is convened they are not ready to participate. They could have highlighted any failures of the government during the debate on the Governor’s address to the joint session. But that did not happen.

The opposition could have raised the issue of Rural Development minister KS Eshwarappa’s statement and discussed it. The government was ready to reply. But they did not do it as they knew that there was nothing wrong with Eshwarappa’s statement, Bommai said.

Misleading the people

The opposition is trying to mislead the house and the people by staging a dharna. The High Court is hearing intense arguments on the dress code issue. An interim order has already been passed. it is being implemented. Some people are trying to create confusion at this stage. They could have maintained calm and sent a united message of peace as education of our children in most important. For them politics has become more important. The leader of the opposition and the president of Congress party are seniors. They are in politics for a long time now. People would have appreciated them if they had worked as a matured opposition party, Bommai.

Anti-Conversion Bill

The Anti-Conversion bill was not tabled in the Legislative Council at the Belagavi session. Replying to a question as to why it was not presented now, Bommai said, “the house was not in order. It would be passed after debate.”

Pay hike for Ministers and Legislators

Replying to a question about effecting a pay hike for ministers and legislators when the state is facing a financial distress, the Chief Minister said, the salary and allowances have been raised after considering the opinion of the legislators,  inflation and their travel needs.

Statement tweaked. Trying to exploit it politically

Reacting to BJP National President JP Nadda’s statement on KS Eshwarappa’s statement, Bommai said, “I have no information about it. I will first get official information about it.”

Eshwarappa’s statement has been wrongly interpreted. It the full text of his statement is examined, there is nothing against the law in it. There is no aspect that could be considered as an insult to national flag.It is very clear. Congress is trying to exploit it politically by tweaking the statement, Bommai said.

Reacting to Congress leaders submitting a memorandum to the Governor over the issue, “let them do it atleast,” he quipped.

State Budget on March 4

It has been decided to present the State Budget on March 4, the Chief Minister said. 

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