July 16, 2024


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CCCs to be shutdown temporarily

Bengaluru, Jan. 27:

The third wave of Covid-19 with Omricon variant has been proved harmless with majority of the virus infected people getting care at home quarantine and getting cured.
The infected people are showing least interest in getting admitted to Covid Care Centres (CCC) as a result the BBMP is forced to ‘lockdown’ the CCCs.
Although the third wave has spread like a wildfire and large number of people were infected in a short span of time the fatalities and hospitalisation is very low.
The second wave’s shocker and demand for oxygen at hospitals had forced the BBMP to set up 28 CCCs at the rate of one per constituency.
Since, there is a lukewarm response towards CCCs, only four are functional across the city.
Except four CCCs namely – Haj Bhavan at Hegde nagar, HAL, Karmika Bhavan and Government Ayurvedic College, the remaining are either lying vacant or occupied with only a handful of infected people, said sources in BBMP.

Each CCC has a doctor and two nurses to take care of 50 beds/patients. Since, not many infected patients are getting admitted the deployment of staff seems to be wasteful expenditure and hence the BBMP has decided to shut them down.
Acvording to BBMP Chief Health Officer Dr. Balasundar, since Omicron is showing mild symptoms the infected people are preferring home isolation. The CCCs will be shutdown temporarily, he added.

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