May 27, 2024


Truth Triumphs

Budget inspires fight against Centre’s tax discrimination:

BJP protest, a symbol of escapism: M.S. Raksha Ramaiah

Bangalore, Feb 17; The 15th record budget presented by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah is an inspiration for the state to fight against tax distribution injustice caused by the Centre, said Youth Congress National General Secretary M.S Raksha Ramaiah.

Reacting on the record 15th budget presented by CM Siddaramaiah he said that it has given strength to seven crore people of Karnataka to fight against the discrimination of the Centre.

After fighting against the Center in Delhi’s Jantar Mantar, BJP’s Janatabal has been depleted. The state BJP leaders walking away from the budget speech shows the bankruptcy of the BJP.

Instead of debating the budget figures in the Vidhan Sabha shouting slogans in front of Kengal Hanumantaiah shows the escapism of BJP leaders.

A special grant of Rs 11,495 crore was lost to the state due to the negligence of the previous government, which claimed to be a double engine. The government led by Basavaraja Bommai has failed to protect the interests of the state and has shown its incompetence. The budget figures prove that Karnataka is being unfairly given a higher share in the tax distribution to the Hindi speaking states of North India.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has now taken another step forward and announced that he will submit another appeal to the Center with figures on the democratic path.

He has maintained maturity in every budget and compared to the previous 14 budgets, this budget is very bold. He said that this budget has given another new dimension to the struggle of “Our Tax – Our Right”. All parts of the state, all races are preferred. The Chief Minister has laid special emphasis on the career development, education, agriculture and health sectors of the backward castes. He has prioritised the implementation of the concept of social justice, upholding the basic aspirations of the Constitution. This is the budget that gives the development forecast of the state.

The budget has shown that guarantee schemes are not just an election gimmick. With the implementation of five guarantees, the whole world is looking towards the state said that the Chief Minister has given a befitting reply to the blatant lies of the BJP leaders, analyzed Raksha Ramaiah.

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