June 13, 2024


Truth Triumphs

Black magic against CM and me: DCM

Bengaluru, May 31: Deputy Chief Minister D K Shivakumar today made a shocking revelation that Kerala tantriks were being used to carry out black magic against him and Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.

Speaking to reporters at his Sadashivanagar residence, he said, “Kerala tantriks are being used to carry out ‘Shatru Bairavi Yaaga’ against us. We have strong faith that God and people’s blessings will protect us.”

“I have credible information that black magic rituals are being carried out in an isolated place near Raja Rajeshwari temple in Kerala to destabilize our government in Karnataka. They are using tantriks to carry out ‘Raja Kantaka’ and ‘Marana Mohana Sthambana’ yaaga. The people who were privy to the black magic rituals have given us all the information about the people behind it,” he said.

“These yaagas are being conducted through Aghoris and we have information that pancha bali – 21 red goats, 3 buffaloes, 21 black sheep and 5 pigs – is being sacrificed for the black magic. Let them do the black magic, it is their belief perhaps. The force that we believe in will protect us. I always pray to God before leaving home,” he said.

Asked if the black magic was being carried out by the BJP or the JDS, he said, “We know who is getting it done.” Replying to a query if ‘nimbe hannu nipunaru’ (lemon expert) was behind this, he said, “You must investigate this without trying to get it out my mouth.”

Asked if he was doing anything to protect himself, he said, “It is natural that politically active people get targeted frequently. Let them do it. The force will protect me. I only believe in God and I don’t believe in black magic.”

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