April 17, 2024


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BJP Tarnishes Karnataka’s Image for Political Gains: DCM DKS

Bengaluru, Mar 4: Deputy Chief Minister D K Shivakumar on Sunday lambasted the BJP for tarnishing the image of Karnataka for petty political gains

Speaking to reporters at his Sadashivanagar residence, he said, “The police have been given a free hand to investigate the blast case and they are investigating it. The government has taken a serious note of it and we will do whatever it takes to protect the reputation of Bengaluru. The police are looking into all possible angles. The police will do whatever it takes to find out the perpetrators.”

“The BJP is exploiting the opportunity to gain political mileage. They are tarnishing the image of Bengaluru and Karnataka in the process. They may have forgotten things that happened during their term. I don’t want to do politics over that, but they should introspect. At times like these, they should be aware of the nation’s unity, integrity and peace.’

Asked about BJP’s statement that it is Bomb Bengaluru and not Brand Bengaluru, he said, “BJP leaders don’t have basic sense. No one in a responsible position will talk like that.

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