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Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain Jayanti held pomp and pious

Bengaluru, April 5: On the occasion of 2622 birth anniversary of Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain, Jain Youth Association members carried out world peace and ahimsa (non violence) march from Town Hall to Freedom Park on Tuesday.

The community aimed to spread the importance of peace and brotherhood by holding placards carrying peace message during the march.

The Freedom Park wore a festive mood as Mahabhisheka was organized to Bhagawan Mahaveer on the occasion and a number of cultural programmes spreading the messages of Bhagawan were organized. The youth community participated with pious.

True to the spirit of the community which is known for its social concern activities, the youth association had organized blood donation camp, health camp and mass feeding on the occasion.

Member of Parliament PC Mohan, BJP leaders Lehar Singh Sirohia, Goutham Kumar, Makan Goutham Solanki, Pukhraj Mehta Kamal Duggad, Prassannayya, Jain Youth Association president Dinesh Khivensara, Secretary Mahendra Bagarecha were present on the occasion.

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