July 15, 2024


Truth Triumphs

Bengaluru is the Knowledge Hub

Bengaluru, Feb. 25: Bengaluru has attained a new high in its stature. For the contemporary world India means Bengaluru. Such is Bengaluru’s fame, especially in IT and BT, startups and R & D. The 21st century is the Knowledge Century. Where there is knowledge there is power. Bengaluru is now the Knowledge Hub of the world. There are more than 180 R & D centers in Bengaluru. There is no other city in the world with so many R & D centers. Development of Mahadevapura is very important as it houses the maximum number of IT units in Bengaluru, Bommai said.

New India from New Karnataka, New Karnataka from New Bengaluru

The Cauvery 4th phase drinking water project is in final stages of completion. UGD works too would be completed along with it and instructions have been issued in this regard. Authorities have been instructed to complete the extended 2nd phase of Bangalore Metro works before 2024 and start preparations for the next phase. Hebbal Ring Road to Mahadevapura flyover Metro link would be provided. The Guragunte Palya junction too would be decongested and elevated roads would be built. All necessary programmes and projects would be implemented to retain Bengaluru’s international fame. We need not make Bengaluru another Singapore. Only Bengaluru could be an ideal model for Bengaluru. We have to build the city based on its environment. “New India From New Karnataka, New Karnataka from New Bengaluru” is our slogan, Bommai said.

Nagarothana Yojana

Under the Nagarothana Yojana Rs.6000 cr has been provided for development of Bengaluru. Storm Water Drains are being remodelled at a cost of Rs.1500 cr. More than 20 STP plants need to function properly to ensure that only treated water is let into the drains. Instructions have been issued in this regard, Bommai said.

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