May 27, 2024


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25-year-old man dies of electrocution

Bengaluru, July 22: A 25-year-old man died near Gurudwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha at Ulsoor Raja Kaluve premises on Friday morning after he accidently came in contact with Low Tension (LT) cable.

The non-departmental fatal accident occurred at 6.30 AM. The deceased person is identified as Appu (25). It is alleged that Appu stole construction steel rods from nearby building which is under construction.

While carrying the stolen rods it came in contact with LT cable near compound wall of Raja Kaluve and electrocuted.

Ulsoor Police and BESCOM, Indiranagara Executive Engineer Narashimmurthy visited the spot. This was non-department fatal accident, the iron rod carrying by Appu came in contact with live wire and he died due to electrocution. After the accident, broken electric wire fell into storm water drain, clarified BESCOM officials.

The deceased is yet to be identified and the body has been shifted to Bowing hospital for autopsy.

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