June 23, 2024


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₹3000 crore scam behind CET result delay: B.T. Nagann

Bengaluru, May 31: Aam Aadmi Party’s State Organizing Secretary B.T. Naganna has accused that the government has facilitated private engineering colleges by delaying the announcement of CET results, which is a scam of around ₹3000 crore.

Addressing a media conference at the party office in the city, he said that it has been almost 42 days since the completion of the CET examination. But the result has not been announced yet, but Karnataka government and higher education department have already given permission to take admission in private engineering colleges.

It is about ₹3000 crore scam. 60,000 seats are on sale today. Many parents are going to apply to four or five colleges to see if their children will get a government seat or not, charging around ₹1200 per application. A private college sold 35,000 applications at ₹1200 per application but made around ₹4.80 crore from the application itself. Why has the government given permission for the admission process to colleges even before the announcement of CET result? If the students who have already paid lakhs of money and got a good ranking in the CET exam and get a seat in a government engineering college, how much will they refund the fees paid? BT Naganna asked.

Private colleges have said that they will reduce the fee by 10% to those who got government seats in the first round and refund the remaining amount, but they have said that they will not refund any money to the students who got seats in the second round. If they pay four to five lakhs and get a free seat in the second round, what is the rate of money they have paid? The results will be announced in a couple of weeks as national level exams. But even after a month and a half since the CET exam, the result has not been announced, it has raised a lot of doubts. He warned that the government should order the private colleges to refund the entire fee paid to the students who have already got admission in private colleges when they get a government seat after the CET result, otherwise there will be a huge fight from the Aam Aadmi Party.

Since all the politicians have colleges, even the opposition parties are not raising a fuss about it. All the politicians are united in making education a business. Does the education minister not understand the plight of common people, private colleges have earned crores of money by selling applications. The minister demanded immediate attention to this matter and notice to the private colleges.

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