March 21, 2023


Truth Triumphs

Usha Cable launches Silicone Rubber PVC cable

Bangalore, June 26: 9th EL Asia 2022 International Exibition on Power Electricle and Lighting has started from 24th June in Banglore.

The exhibition will be organised till 26th June where people will be able to watch wonders of power and cable industry. Usha Cable, a brand of India’s ISI and BIS certified company is also taking part in this exhibition.

Actually, Usha Cable Industries, has introduced Silicone Rubber PVC Cable in the market keeping in mind the needs of its many years of research and defense. Company Director Aman Gupta said that work on Silicon Rubber PVC cable was going on for many years, which was especially needed for defense in India in places like LAC where the temperature goes above minus 40 degree. Where the normal cable minus 20 to 25 degree Celsius had to face problems like cable breakage, which was a big problem, the company has solved it with the help of silicone rubber PVC cable. He said that this cable is made in our own factory itself, in which good quality materials have been used, due to which this cable will work even in minus 40 degrees and it can be used in normal places also.

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