December 11, 2023


Truth Triumphs

Timesense and dutysense very important for government employees: CM Bommai

Shivamogga, April 21: Dutysense and timesense are very important for government employees. They should get people’s work done within a time frame with efficiency. The vested interests would try to upset the system, but they should be resisted with efficiency and honesty, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said.

The Chief Minister was speaking at a function to celebrate the State Government Employees’ Day.

Karnataka government employees are acknowledged as the most efficient workers in the country. “It is our responsibility to continue the tradition. We should be clear about our responsibility. Then only we could do justice to our post and duty,” Bommai said.

Government employees should use their power to serve the people and it should not be used for personal gains. You should stick to rules, Bommai said.

Work for the cause of the poor

Exhorting the workers to work for the welfare of the poor, the Chief Minister said, “we should think about the man at the bottom of the social order. Our services should reach the last man in the line. The Administrative Reforms Commission-2 has submitted its interim report to reduce the number of layers in the decision making process. We will take all possible measures to reform the administration,” Bommai said.

In the post-globalisation, liberalisation, privatisation era we have to change the style of our functioning according to the demands of the change. You should be able to adopt modern technology so the decision making could be faster. Technology should be used to speed up the administration from Gram Panchayat to Vidhana Soudha, Bommai said.

He asked the government employees to accomplish their work within the time frame to avoid people from going around the offices, eliminate corruption. Government employees are drawing their salary from the sweat money of the common man paying the taxes. You should work in a manner that is worthy of the sweat of the common man. State government has declared DA hikes two times an an year within a week after the announcement by the Union government. Action would be taken to constitute the Pay Commission, Bommai said.

State government would go hard against corruption in administration. There would be no compromise in fighting against corruption. There is a proposal to honour the efficient and honest workers at district and taluk levels. Let us resolve to build a New India from New Karnataka, he said.

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