June 2, 2023


Truth Triumphs

Success and failure a part of life don’t get this disheartened: Dr K Sudhakar

For the first time in history, SSLC students in Karnataka get mental health helpline to cope with result stress

SSLC students get helpline to cope with result stress

Bangalore, May 18: For the first time in Karnataka history, Karnataka opens mental health tele-helpline for students who are in distress as they await their SSLC (class 10) results on May 19.

Success and failure are a part of life and they are like two faces of the same coin. SSLC students for expecting results must not lose hope at all costs, send Karnataka Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar.

Further, Minister Sudhakar said, “All the best to students who are awaiting results for their SSLC examinations. whether students get the results they expected or not, one must not be disheartened as these results are not the end, beginning or the final decider of your life. It is just an outcome of one’s academic life. Success and failure is a part of life.”

To provide mental health assistance, Dr Sudhakar instructed officials to open a tele-helpline.

Students who are feeling low, distressed, anxious, depressed or scared are encouraged to call the helpline at 080 46110007.

Minister Sudhakar wished all the students who attended the SSLC exams saying, “Move forward under the guidance of your parents, teachers and elders.”

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