July 21, 2024


Truth Triumphs

Senior women journo appointed as chairperson of Media Academy

Bengaluru, July 10: In an interesting development, a senior women journalist has been nominated as chairperson of Karnataka Media Academy. She takes the credit for being the first ever women media academy chairperson to occupy one of the most coveted post.
Chief Minister’s media advisor KV Prabhakar brought the name of Ayesha Khanum to fore during the discussion on who to be nominated to the post.
Mr Prabhakar opined that Hitherto, no chief ministers in the past have appointed a woman or a woman from minority. Since she hails from Kalaburgi, by appointing her it gives social justice, gender equality and regional balance too can be maintained, he suggested.
Chief minister felt that Ayesha’s name is apt among the other suggestions as she is a thorough professional and social justice can be met.

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