December 3, 2023


Truth Triumphs

Sack minister Ashwath Narayan from the cabinet demands Malleswaram MLA

Sack minister for his threatening and controversial statement

Bangalore, Feb, 27: Higher Education and IT-BT minister CN Ashwath Narayan should be immediately sacked from the cabinet and legal action must be initiated for life threatening and controversial statement “finish off” opposition leader Siddaramaiah, demanded MS Raksha Ramaiah, general secretary of National Youth Congress.

Submitting a memorandum to Governor Thawarchand Gehlot Ramaiah charged that there is a lapse of law and order in the state. The police department has miserably failed in providing adequate security to Siddaramaiah following a threatening and controversial statement against the former.

Police are dancing to the tunes of the state government and have failed to initiate legal action against Ashwath Narayan. He has failed to protect the interest of basic principles of constitution of India

It may be recalled that former President of India Ramanath Kovind had lauded and praised bravery of Tippu Sulthan at an official programme at the Banquet Hall in Vidhana Soudha. But on the other hand, minister Ashwath Narayan makes a controversial statement to eliminate Siddaramaiah like Tippu Sulthan was eliminated. This has earned bad reputation to the political culture of the state, said Ramaiah.

Governor the protector of the law of the land must ensure safety of Siddaramaiah and law and order of the land should be protected and such unsavoury activities must be curbed. Stern action must be initiated against Ashwath Narayan, said Ramaiah.

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