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Truth Triumphs

Ready for taluk, zilla panchayat and BBMP elections* *Chief Minister Siddaramaiah

Mysore, May 25: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that the government is ready to conduct the Taluk, Zilla Panchayat and BBMP elections elections, after the results of the Lok Sabha elections.

He was speaking to the media near his residence in Mysuru today.

He gave the above response to a reporter’s question about the Election Commission decision to knock the doors of High Court regarding the local body elections.

Talking about the deadline until January for delimitation, the CM said that we will discuss this with the Advocate General aabout this and will act according the law. He said reservation must be done after delimitation.

Not aware of High Command’s decision
In response to a question about the pressure to make Dr. Yatindra Siddaramaiah a member of Vidhana Parishad, the CM said that the high command had told that Yatindra would be made MLC. I don’t know about their decision. When it was decided that I should contest in Varuna, Yatindra was instructed to give up the constituency’ to me . The CM said he does not know about the High command’s decision.

statement to weaken the case
Reacting to former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy’s demand that DK Shivakumar should be interrogated in Prajwal Revanna’s case as there is an audio of his, the CM said ‘his nephew is accused in the rape case. It is not important that the video was made. Rape is a crime. undermine the matter. He is taking D.K Shivakumar and other names to dilute the issue. They must respect the law of the land. He has said that his nephew is not a criminal, but an accused. I have also said that he is an accused subject to be proved in court.

It’s your fault
A letter has been written to Modi for cancellation of Prajwal Revanna’s diplomatic passport but we have not received a response from him so far. Answering the questions of the media that everyone will get an answer from the Prime Minister’s office immediately, the Chief Minister said that it is your mistake to believe that. He said that Modi is not selective.

Believing that PMO will answer

We believe that when the Chief Minister of an elected government’s CM writes a letter to the Prime Minister, he will naturally reply. The first letter to cancel the diplomatic passport was not answered. He said, “Let’s see if they will reply to the second letter.”

Question BJP
Responding to a question whether it is being delayed for the election results, he said, “Ask this question to BJP’s Prahlad Joshi.”

Did leave from the country without telling his family?
Did Prajwal Revanna leave the country without Devegowda’s knowlegde, the CM questioned when asked about Devegowda saying that they were going to cut ties with Prajwal Revanna.

Why did he go to campaign
Reacting to Kumaraswamy’s statement that Prajwal Revanna was not in contact with us from the beginning, the CM questioned went did he campaign on behalf of Prajwal saying that he is like his son, if they are not in touch.

Formation of SIT to focus on the case
Talking about HD Kumaraswamy’s statement that the SIT investigation will not reach a logical end,the CM said we have full confidence in the SIT. I am not aware of the cases haded over to SIT during Kumaraswamy’s time. He said that the creation of SIT is done to focus on the case.

In response to the letter written that the Cauvery river is becoming polluted, the CM said ‘there is a possibility that the river being polluted by the water discharged from the industries in some places. He said that the matter will be investigated.

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