July 16, 2024


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Rajendra R wins FMSCI Reise INRSC (2W) South Zone round in style

Bengaluru, July 3: Bengaluru’s Rajendra R underlined his standing as India’s top biker, winning the opening South Zone round of the FMSCI Reise Indian National Rally Sprint Championship (2W) in style here on Sunday.
The daredevil recorded the fastest time of the day in the Open Class Up To 550cc, scorching the 10-km specially designed course in Sarjapur on the outskirts of Bengaluru in 7:33.59 seconds.

India’s top bikers took part in the Twenty20 version of rallying, making the INRSC a grand success. Suhail Ahmed made it to the podium thrice, winning the Group A Up To 550cc class and coming second and third in the Bullet Class and the Group B 261 To 400cc.
“It was an exciting day of racing, with close to 120 bikers lining up,” Motorsport Inc’s Jaidas Menon, the promoter and organizer, exulted. “This is great for spectators as they can see most of the action from close quarters,” he added.
Sinan Francis also picked up crucial points in two categories, including in the 550cc Open Class.
Reehana raced to the title in the Women’s Class Up To 260cc, beating a decent field of young and enthusiastic ladies. She clocked an impressive 08:49.29.
Open Class Up to 550cc: 1. Rajendra R (07:33.59); 2. Samuel Jacob; 3. Sinan Francis
Group A Up To 550cc: 1. Suhail Ahmed (7:51.57); 2. Sinan Francis; 3. Kousthubha M
Group B 261 To 400cc: 1. Naresh Vs (8:09.32); 2. Akhand Pratap Singh; 3. Suhail Ahmed
Group B 166 to 260cc: 1. Sachin D (07:51.61 ); 2. Yogesh P; 3. Nithyan L
 Group D Up to 260cc: 1. Asad Khan (08:13.98); 2. Bharath L; 3. Pradeep C
Group B 131 to 165cc: 1. Varun Kumar (8:12.09); 2. Abrar Pasha; 3. Bharath L
Bullet Class: 1. Naresh VS (8:03.35); 2. Suhail Ahmed; 3. Asad Khan
Scooter Class: 1. Subramanya (08:39.07); 2. Pinkesh Thakkar; 3. Karthik Naidu
Women’s Class Up To 260cc

  1. Reehana (08:49.29); 2. Sneha CC ; 3. Satabdi Samanta
    Zonal Star: 1. Yogesh P (07:53.90); 2. Sanjay Somashekar; 3. Vinay Prasad
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