July 15, 2024


Truth Triumphs

Punjab changes pension formula for politicians. Will it be emulated here too?

Bangalore, March 25: Recently, the Karnataka Legislative Assembly passed bills enhancing salaries and allowances of chief minister, ministers and legislators, but on Friday Punjab government has taken a historical decision and changed the pension formula for MLAs of Punjab.

Punjab chief minister Bhagwant Mann said his government has taken announced a pension formula for Punjab’s members of legislative assembly (MLAs) under which “they will now be eligible for a pension of only one term.”

“Thousands of crores of rupees which were being spent on MLA pensions will now be used to benefit the people of Punjab,” Mann said via his Twitter handle.

Pointing at the politicians’ mindset he said they seek votes with folded hands to serve people. “But you’ll be surprised that many MLAs, after winning 3 or 4 or 5 times, keep on getting lakhs of rupees as a pension, hurting the pockets of state exchequer. We have also decided to cut the allowance given to their families,” he said.

Citizens of Karnataka too are of the opinion that if the move is replicated here also thousands of crores of tax-payers’ money will be saved and can be utilised for boosting the infrastructure.

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