July 13, 2024


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Price Hikes Burden the Poor

State government lost morality to govern, CM Siddaramaiah must Resign: MP Bommai

Davanagere, June 20:
The state Congress has burdened the poor and common people with price hikes to win votes under the guise of guarantees. They have lost the moral authority to govern by increasing the prices of petrol, diesel, and other essentials. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah should resign, demanded former Chief Minister and MP Basavaraj Bommai.

Participating in a massive protest rally from the BJP office to the AC office in Davanagere on Wednesday, he criticized the state government, claiming that for the past year, it has been adopting anti-poor and anti-common people policies. He accused the government of driving the state into economic bankruptcy and pushing Karnataka back by ten years.

To win votes, the government has burdened the poor under the name of guarantees, imposing a debt burden of ₹1.05 lakh crore on the people of the state. Initially, they increased motor tax, liquor prices, and stamp duties. Now, they have hiked petrol and diesel prices. This government has no moral right to govern the state, he asserted.

Bommai noted that no developmental activities have taken place in the past year. There has been zero development, with no funds released for progress. The state government is cursed by the people of Karnataka. He alleged that due to setbacks in the Lok Sabha, the government is punishing the poor. They are moving to sell lands around Bangalore to real estate mafias, selling ancestral properties of the state for deals. Siddaramaiah should resign as they have lost the moral right to govern Karnataka. Until then, our protest against the state government will continue, he declared.

The MP recalled that during his tenure as CM after COVID-19, he had reduced the petrol cess. CM Siddaramaiah should be ashamed of justifying the prices by comparing them to other states. The inflation in our state is higher than the national inflation. The increase in oil prices is leading to a rise in the prices of essential goods. The people of the state are in distress. The state government should immediately roll back the petrol price hike, or we will launch a fierce protest, he warned.

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