December 11, 2023


Truth Triumphs

Poverty is not permanent, strive hard to break the shackles of poverty: Swamy Rakumjee

Devanahalli, Feb. 21: “We should not let darkness engulf the light of the life. We should make use of unseen energy and power to succeed in life,” said founder of Rakum foundation Acharya Sree Rakumjee.

Speaking at the distribution of distribution of free ration kit and support money to the poor and needy at Tarahunase village of Devanahalli taluk, on the occasion of Mahashivaratri festival celebrations Rakumjee said that human beings are in the thick blanket of fear and has lost a way to come out. One should strive to come out of the darkness with hard work and sustained effort.

Our elders knew the importance of hard work and toiling hard. This had helped them to keep illness at bay. Since the lifestyle in the recent days has become mechanised every human being is falling prey to illness. Age is just a number. But healthy living should be practiced. Hard work is the key to success and it definitely pays off, he explained.

The concept of nuclear family is declining family values and bonding. As a result, old age homes are mushrooming across the country. Once should accord importance for family values and relation within the family, added Rakumjee.  

Rakumjee foundation is providing free education and striving to better the importance of health, environment and social relationship, he said.

Every month, wheat flour, sooji, paste, soap and other daily requirements are provided at free of cost to poor and needy in the surrounding villages. Free kits have been distributed to over 1000 people from 18 surrounding villages. Rakumjee ashram also houses 70 cows and naturally grown fodder is provided. Further, chemical-free milk is supplied at just Rs. 10 per litre.

Various cultural and entertainment programmes were organised on the occasion.

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