December 11, 2023


Truth Triumphs

Plans afoot to instal Compost – tech machine

Bulk waste­-generators will be targeted

Bengaluru, April 27: Compost – Tech Machine with a capacity to process 500 kg of wet waste per day was inspected by the BBMP chief commissioner Gaurav Gupta and other staff and learnt the technical know-how of the machine.

The machine which costs Rs 15 lakh was donated by the Regenate Pvt. Ltd as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) fund at Kasa-Rasa unit of Koramangala. 

After inspecting the technical know-how and functionality of the machine Gupta said that there is a need to create awareness among the public about the processing of the waste at the source. Later, more such decentralised processing units should be installed to avoid dependency on the landfills and overcome the problem of waste management, he said.

He suggested officials of Solid Waste Management (SWM) to identify the places to instal the machine on trial basis in the coming days based on the success of the unit.

“The machine is easy to maintain. The wet waste will get crushed and the slurry from the outlet will be used for biogas. Following its success, the machine would be installed at bulk generating units like apartments and commercial complexes. Let the SWM officials learn the operations of the unit,” said Gupta.

The machine has capacity to process 500 kg of waste per day and processed waste will be converted into manure in about 18 days. It requires 2HP power to run the machine. The machine is designed with modern technology to treat biodegradable items and also it will work automatically. 

Special Commissioner (SWM) Dr. Harish Kumar, South Zone Joint Commissioner Jagadish Naik, South Zone Chief Engineer Narasaram Rao, Chief Engineer (in charge) (SWM) Basavaraj Kabade and others were present during the inspection.

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