July 23, 2024


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MUDA plot allotment: Politically motivated allegations: CM

Bengaluru, July 5: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah dismissed BJP’s allegations regarding MUDA plot allocations as politically motivated and not based on facts.

He made these remarks while speaking to reporters ಆನ್ Thursday.

“The BJP’s actions are driven solely by instructions from the RSS. Shouldn’t we question if MUDA is creating plots and distributing them on our 3.16-acre land? If so, they should provide the land’s value which is estimated at Rs. 60 crores. They have also acknowledged in the meeting that our land has been encroached upon. As an alternative , plots have been allotted in a 50:50 ratio, to which we have agreed. We did not specify a particular location for the land allocation,” he stated.

BJP was in power

“The BJP was in power in 2021 when the plots were allotted. How can it be claimed to be illegal now? We did not request plots in Vijayanagara 3rd or 4th stage. Instead, we agreed to the 50:50 plot allotment,” the CM added, labeling the allegations as politically motivated.

Compensation has to be provided if it’s wrong to allot plots
Responding to queries on whether there is a rule that plots has to be allocated only where land acquisition has been completed, the CM clarified, “We did not specify the location for plot allocation. If it is incorrect to allocate plots, they should provide compensation. In October 2023, the Minister wrote to cancel the 50:50 ratio. Even if it’s is not written, they should provide Rs. 62 crore as per the law. The price of the 14 plots allotted to us is even lower than this. If one acre is 44 thousand square feet, then I have been allocated 38,264 square feet, which is less than an acre. I am unaware of the value of the land which has been alloted as compensation.

Regarding questions about the Urban Development Minister bringing files related to land allotment, the CM denied that he has brought it

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