July 22, 2024


Truth Triumphs

MUDA Plot Allotment Case: Plots on Hold; No Loss to Government

Decision Pending Enquiry Report: CM Siddaramaiah

Bengaluru, July 4: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah announced that an investigation is being conducted to determine if there was any misuse in the allotment of MUDA plots. The plots are currently on hold, and there has been no loss to the government. Those involved in the plot allotment have been transferred, and a senior IAS officer is leading the investigation. A final decision will be made after the report is submitted.

Responding to media on the BJP’s allegations of misuse in the MUDA plot allotments and their demand for a CBI inquiry, the CM asked, “Why do they want to hand over everything to the CBI?” He noted that no cases were handed over to the CBI when the BJP was in power. He also mentioned that it was the BJP that created the law to provide alternative sites to those who had given up land.

No Involvement in the Case

Addressing the Leader of the Opposition R. Ashok’s demand for his resignation, the CM asked, “What is my role in this case?” He further questioned if R. Ashok would resign if accused of dereliction of duty. During his tenure, R. Ashok got bail from the court when he was accused in the Akrama-Sakrama case. “Will he resign if asked to resign for that?” the CM questioned.

Investigation into Irregularities in Valmiki Corporation

Regarding the BJP’s protests against irregularities in the Valmiki Development Corporation, the CM said the case has been handed over to the SIT, and the investigation is ongoing. Former Minister Nagendra has resigned following a mention in a death note that he had given verbal orders to the Managing Director. The CBI is investigating bank-related matters in this case.
Speaking about allegations of involvement of Minister Sharana Prakash Patil, the CM said, ” SIT should submit investigation report and a charge sheet has to be filed. Without all this, how can action be taken?” He questioned

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