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March 17 – power star appu birth anniversary: A Day of joy and gloom

March 16 is a day of happiness, sadness, celebration and festivity. But what was lacking clearly was the total josh and fervor.

Although it is the birth anniversary of actor Power star Puneeth Rajkumar and his movie James has hit the screens pan globe, all the celebrations and fanfare appears void in his absence.

James has been released in 4,000 theatres and 150 multiplexes in Karnataka. All the theatres and multiplexes are running full. Fans have gathered in front of theatres from early morning to pay tribute to the ‘sandalwood king’ Puneeth Rajkumar and the fans cannot digest the fact that it is his last appearance on the big screen and an end of Puneeth era.

Fans are dancing with joy and misery. The misery has shadowed the joy of happiness and grand release of mega movie. Even if the movie is making all-time records at box office in sandalwood, the gloom is eclipsing it all. Tears rolling down their (fans) cheeks uncontrollably. Emotions have filled in the air. Each and every fan is living the Puneeth moments!

Every movie of him had a take away message and he was kind of a reformer and a legend, said fans in loud voice.

After the first show of James, addressing the fans emotional Raghavendra Rajkumar says, “Today I am seeing crores of Appus in front of me. It is not a film but an emotion. Whatever my brother (Appu) does is good to the society. He has come to spread social message. He is a social reformer. Unfortunately, he lived a short life but definitely left behind a large image and message. It is time to carry forward what he has started. Giving education, love to the unprivileged and saving trees. His legacy has to be carried forward.”

Actor Puneeth Rajkumar’s sudden demise on 29th October 2021, left his fans in despair.

Fans have organised mass feeding and blood donation camps. A few radio stations had organised eye pledging campaign. Fans feel that Appu is with us and will be with us through his works.

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