February 5, 2023


Truth Triumphs

Kannada journalism has bright future: CM Bommai

Bengaluru, July 1: Kannada journalism has bright future just like Karnataka has good future ahead, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said.

Speaking at a function to celebrate the ‘Press Day’ organised by Karnataka Media Academy, Press Club of Bengaluru and Karnataka Union of Working Journalists, Bommai said, Kannada journalism has made immense contributions for Kannada language and literature.

“The future of journalism is intertwined with the future of the state. We have to become a part of history or create history. Let us do this together,” Bommai said.

There is an inseparable bonding between the politicians and journalists. It would be better if the relationship between the two is healthy. “We should accept criticism with a sportive spirit. One who cannot accept criticism cannot become a successful politician. Criticism helps in correcting our mistakes, it is not possible with flattery,” Bommai said.

The Chief Minister appreciated the contribution of Kannada journalists in development of the state, fostering social harmony and making Karnataka a progressive state.

Bommai stressed the need for restraint and sensitivity while presenting crime stories as they are being watched and read by women and children also.

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