September 23, 2023


Truth Triumphs

Hindi is a communicative language at the national level: Dr.C.N.Ashwath Narayan

Nothing wrong with learning Hindi

Bengaluru, April 28: Dr.C.N.Ashwath Narayan, Minister for Higher Education, said on Thursday, that there will be the topmost priority for Kannada in the state, and simultaneously it is necessary to treat Hindi as the communicative language at the national level.

Speaking here with reporters, he opined, there is no need to hate any language in order to strengthen our own language. Further, he said, “we need to do what is all possible in a constructive manner to nurture Kannada. But there is nothing wrong in learning Hindi when we are giving overemphasis to learn English.”

The state government is firm in its decision to make Kannada learning mandatory and accordingly the decision has been taken. Adding, “It is true currently, there is a hindrance in mplementing this”, he expressed confidence that learning Kannada in Karnataka will become necessary in near future.

“Polytechnic students have been allowed to write examinations in Kannada also. It has been also instructed to teach in Kannada along with English for these students. We cannot strengthen Kannada merely by uttering statements. We need to make Kannada a globally accepted language through our good works”, Minister explained.

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