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Truth Triumphs

Hgher education Minister warns against non-implimentation of the UUCMS

Registrars will be relieved from there duties

Bengaluru, Aug. 18: Stringent action will be taken against Registrars of Public Universities if they claim excuses to implement Unified University and College Management system (UUCMS), warned Dr. C.N. Aashwathanarayana, Minister for Higher Education.

He also stated that even concerned Registrars will be relieved from their duties for non implementing the system.

After convening a meeting with Vice Chancellors of all the Public Universities at Vikas saudha on Thursday, he said. Vice Chancellors should submit a report regarding Registrars who have failed to implement the UUCMS.

UUCMS-the technology based platform- will allow Universities to function efficiently with lesser human resource and limited expenses. This is the solution for the day. Therefore no one should tell excuses about non implementation, he said.

Informing about exams he told, semister exams have been completed and results have been announced only in a few Universities. Though many universities have completed the examinations, evaluation is kept pending. But the entire process should be completed within this month he instructed.

To know the glitches in implementing UUCMS video conferencing is being done on a regular basis. Any problem in the system can be brought to the notice of the department, Minister said.

In a few Universities the admission of students has not been entered in the UUCMS. This also should be rectified before the end of this month he told.

Rashmi Mahesha, Principal Secretary, Department of Higher Education, P. Pradeep, Commissioner, DCTE and other senior officials attended the meeting.

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