April 2, 2023


Truth Triumphs

Govt to set up arbitration centers for speedy disposal of cases: Bommai

Bengaluru, Nov.5: The State government is ready to establish arbitration centers and provide all facilities for the speedy disposal of cases, said Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.

Speaking after inaugurating the 5th, 6th & 7th floor of Advocates’ Bhavan at City Civil Court premises here on Saturday, he said there are a lot of litigations in the society and the system of justice delivery must change. Already, Lok Adalats are functioning and cases are solved through arbitration also.

Assistance for digitalisation of Bengaluru Advocates Library:

He said he was happy that a big Advocates’ Bhavan had been constructed and named it after ‘Rashtrakavi Kuvempu’. It was good that a separate room has been provided for lady advocates.

Earlier, an advocate having a big library was considered as a big and famous advocate. Now a library in gram panchayat has been digitalised. The government is ready to extend all the cooperation for the digitalisation of the library of Bengaluru Advocates.

“The role of advocates is very important and there is no delivery of justice without them. There is a lot of difference between laws created by us and moral law. It is good to tell the truth in moral law but punishment is guaranteed if lied. Both moral law and law created by us must be brought near”.

No ambiguity in law:

Bommai said in Nepal there is a peculiar system. There are no courts in hilly areas. Though the people are not literate but still formed their own rules and living. Despite they being educated, legal problems are plenty. In any law there must not be any ambiguity but a total clarity and the absence of which will create more problems. The Bar Association of Bengaluru has been working very efficiently. The government will take steps for the filling up of posts of judges soon. The grants to establish a Lawyers Chamber in Bengaluru will be provided in the State Budget 2023-24.

10 per cent rebate for advocates to buy BDA flats:

He called upon the Bar Association of Bengaluru to focus on the grants given towards the insurance of advocates and other welfare activities. A bill on ‘Legal Protection’ Act will be tabled in the Belagavi session to be held in December and get it approved in both the houses of State Legislature. Besides, a 10 per cent rebate will be given to advocates to buy the BDA flats.

Chief Justice of Gujarat High Court, Mr Justice Arvind Kumar, Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court, Mr Justice Prasanna Balachandra Varale, Building Committee Chairman B.V.Acharya, Vice-President K.N.Puttegowda, Bar Association Secretary T.G.Ravi, PWD Principal Secretary K.S.Krishnareddy and others were present.

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