February 5, 2023


Truth Triumphs

Focus on education in rural areas: LR Shivaramegowda

Digi Techno Cognitive Symposium 2022 launched

Bengaluru: Focus must be given on children’s education in the rural areas rather than focusing on digitising in urban areas, said Shivarama Gowda, Former Mandya MP and Chairman of Karnataka Federation Independent Schools Management.

Speaking at the launch of “Digi Techno Cognitive Symposium 2022” and School Excellence Awards Ceremony
organised by Empowered Minds Edu Solutions, India’s first ever gathering of Knowledge Partners recently he mentioned that many students in urban areas have access to laptops and phones and understand how they work, however, often children in rural areas are left behind.

Further Gowda added that, “The children who know how to use laptops and tablets, and are taught by parents, can benefit from the online education system. But for many poor students or those in rural areas, they do not have WiFi or mobile phones.”

Speaking at the Digi Techno Cognitive Symposium 2022 Dr. Latha Murthy, Founder Chairwoman, Empowered Minds Edu Solutions “We want to train teachers from schools to be able to stand up to 21st century teaching. The schooling I went through abroad nearly 50 years ago has only just reached India”.

“Education leaders should set a vision to create learning experience that provides the right tools and support for all learners to thrive. However, to realize the benefits of technology fully in our education system, and provide authentic learning experiences,” Mrs. Murthy said.

The symposium was attended by MLC Puttanna and filmmaker and environmentalist Suresh Heblikar, V Munirathna Yadav, Cine Artist,
All India Private School Association Leaders Sathya Murthy – KUSMA, Shekar Rao -TRESMA, Dr. Nanda Kumar – TNSPA, Vamsipriya-BSSA, Dr. Benny Kuriakose – KISA, Dr. Shriniwasan M – MICA, Dr. Preetham Agarwal, ECA and V Satish – NIOS were also present.

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