July 16, 2024


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Electric vehicles – way forward to combat pollution

Karnataka is growing as a hub of Electric Vehicles (EV). In a bid to encourage pollution free vehicles – mobility, the budget is likely to earmark a substantial allocation for electric vehicle special zone.

Participating at the grand opening of E2M Automobiles and ST Electric Motors Showroom at Nagarbhavi co-operation minister S. T. Somashekar said that union budget has accorded a special allocation for electric vehicle manufacturing sector and has proposed for setting up of e-vehicle charging station for every five kilometers.

Environmental pollution has reached almost the threshold level in India. As per the Climate Risk Index 2020, India ranks in the top 5, which means India is vulnerable to climatic change. So, there seem no other options than to adopt e-mobility. The union government has decided to promote Electronic Vehicles (EV) to reduce pollution.

Electric vehicles (EVs) offer an opportunity to replace fossil fuels in the transport sector. Electrification of the transport sector can also bring benefits in terms of increased energy efficiency and reduced local pollution, Mr. Somashekar said.

Both E2M Automobiles Pvt Ltd and ST Electric Motors vision is to be an ecological and a socially responsible platform with the objective of making the country greener and be the best in zero pollution transportation through its wide range of products and services.

E2M Automobiles Pvt Ltd and ST Electric Motors was launched in 2020 by a team of likeminded professionals and institutions together under the able leadership of Dr Sowmya, Managing Director of E2M Automobiles Pvt Ltd and ST Electric Motors. They envision to become market leaders in Indian Electric Vehicle Industry by providing proper service to EV Vehicles instead of focusing just on the product. With these environment friendly vehicles entering the market in such large numbers, the major concern is how and where to get the service and maintenance.

Enormous opportunities are available for setting up charging stations as the number of EV s increasing in the city. E vehicles are helpful in achieving zero pollution level, added Dr. Sowmya.

The showrooms at Nagarbhavi, ST Electric Motors houses popular Indian brand Komaki Electric Scooter Brand where as E2M Automobiles Pvt Ltd houses another popular Indian brand Elthor Electric Scooter which is India’s first electric vehicle. Their next initiative is to offer Electric Vehicle Retrofitting services to existing vehicles to modify them to Electric Vehicles.

The Highlights of the Electric Scooters in E2M Automobiles Pvt Ltd and ST Electric Motors

90% Indian Made Products

Range Per Charge- 80 to 280km

Top Speed 90km

Affordable Costs

Vehicles provide very good mileage

Removable Battery that can be easily charged at home

Hub Motor

Lithium Ion Battery

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