July 19, 2024


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Disqualification of Rahul Gandhi: All are equal before law-CM Bommai

Bengaluru, March.26: Law is common for everyone. There is no separate law for Rahul Gandhi and others. A legal system exists in the country and everything goes as per law, said Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.

Reacting to the disqualification of Waynad Congress MP Rahul Gandhi here on Saturday, he said the Congress leader had a feeling that he can talk about anything, and he had the opportunity to correct himself but he failed to do. The opposition parties must be defeated in the elections or hold discussions in Parliament. Without doing this, if someone is insulted in public there is a law to deal with it.

The CM said Rahul Gandhi not only spoke against an individual but also a community and this has hurt the people. All of them filed a case in the court which gave its verdict.

Wait & watch
The CM said to wait and watch for its list of candidates for the forthcoming Assembly elections. A mammoth convention is taking place in Davangere in which around 10 lakh people are expected to participate. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will blow the trumpet of the BJP’s victory. The Vijay yatra will begin from Davangere. The BJP’s biggest strength has been Modi. The people will be requested to vote for the BJP based on the work done by the double-engine government. There is no doubt of the BJP forming a new government. The PM will be invited to participate in the Vijayotsava to be held in May.

He said there is no surprise in the first list released by the Congress Party and said it was not new.

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