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Discussion on to lower property tax penalties: DCM

Bengaluru, Jan 16: Deputy Chief Minister D K Shivakumar today said that he was discussing with the BBMP officials ways and means to reduce property tax penalties for certain types of properties in Bengaluru.

Speaking at the mass grievance redressal programme ‘Government at Your Doorstep’ at Gandhinagar today, he said, “There are a lot of pleas regarding reduction of property tax and penalties for 30×40 sites and sheds. We are discussing it with the officials concerned.”

“Do not worry about the notices served to you about payment of property taxes and penalties, we are trying to reduce the penalties as much as possible. We have received similar pleas from other grievance redressal programmes too,” he added.

“The 2020 law has heavy penalties for property tax payment delays. The law needs to be amended and we will give you more information regarding that in a few days. We have already instructed officials to collect taxes as per the old regimen and not put pressure on the public to pay up the new tariff. The differential will be adjusted in the next year’s taxes,” he explained.

“Our intention is to bring everyone under the tax bracket. With the widened tax net, both tax payers and the BBMP benefit. Uder the self-declaration scheme, people are under-declaring their property sizes. Minister Ramalinga Reddy has also written a letter about it,” he noted.

“You have come here with your individual and collective pleas because the officials concerned haven’t cooperated with you. We are here to solve your issues, please register your pleas and provide your contact details so that officials can contact you,” he said. 

A separate team is being formed to look into the pleas, he said, adding that all the pleas will be resolved within the legal framework. There are many complaints about traffic congestion, steps are being taken to resolve traffic issues in Bengaluru through white topping. A tender has been called for the white topping works worth Rs 2000 crores, he said.

*Street vendors*

Referring to the issue of pavements raised by MLA Dr Ashwath Narayan, he said that street vendors will be allowed to operate only on a cart. “There is a High court order and the BBMP Commissioner will go to jail if he doesn’t. I am not opposed to street vendors doing business. All street vendors must be registered and must operate out of a cart. It causes a lot of inconvenience if they do business on pavements,” he said.

*Unauthorized Hoardings*

“Unauthorised hoardings are banned. There are a lot of hoardings and banners including areas near my house. The BBMP Commissioner has been instructed to take strict action irrespective of party affiliations. We are planning to bring out a new law to regulate hoardings and banners in the city,” he said.

“We are committed to resolve the waste disposal issue in the city. There is a mafia behind it and it needs to be handled,” he said, calling upon people not to litter public places.

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