July 15, 2024


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Did Ukraine war hijack mekedatu padayatra mission?

Differences among top brass is conspicuous

The National party Congress’ mega effort to attract the attention of the urban voters, ahead of BBMP polls, through the Mekedatu padayatre 2.0 , aiming at implementation of Mekedatu drinking water project seems to have fizzled out!

The disparity among the top brass and Ukraine-Russia war hijacked the actual aim and ambition of the Padayatra. Padayatras have always helped party garner votes in favour of party. But, Mekedatu seems to have failed the party’s calculations.

The issue of BBMP polls is pending before the Supreme Court. Poll to the urban local body BBMP is expected to be held in November.

Speaking to Bengaluru Express, a senior party leader on condition of anonymity said that hierarchy of leadership and differences among the top state leaders has come to the fore during the Mekedatu 2.0 padayatra. Some of the leaders made a ‘touch and go’ appearance.

Notwithstanding the behavior of the party leaders, MLAs and defeated MLAs in Bengaluru and surrounding areas were asked to ‘get’ people to present ‘show of strength’. As a result, when the padayatra entred Bengaluru, large gathering was seen resulting in traffic logjam in some areas, said sources.

As if that is not enough, the padayatra failed to get the media traction due to the ongoing war between Ukraine-Russia. After the death of a medical student, Naveen studying at Ukraine due to the shelling the media attention completely shifted towards the war and Indian nationals stranded at Ukraine.

Aim of padayatra:

The Rs. 9,000 crore Mekedatu drinking water scheme involves construction of balancing reservoir at Mekedatu to impound excess water. Besides ensuring drinking water supply to Bengaluru and other districts in the vicinity, it will also generate power. However, the project has been opposed by Tamil Nadu, the lower riparian State in the Cauvery river basin.

The padayatra was a sight of show of unity by the party as ambitious leaders from different camps and different regions shared the stage with bonhomie, offering an united face of the party, seeking the implementation of the project.

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