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Creating Kannada atmosphere in Karnataka is need of the hour: CM

Bengaluru, June 21: Chief Minister Siddamaiah said that it is the responsibility of every Kannadiga to protect Kannada language, land and water. He gave a call that it is necessary to create a Kannada atmosphere in Karnataka.

He was addressing the gathering after performing Bhoomi Puja for the construction of a bronze statue of Nada Devi Bhuvaneshwari near the western entrance of Vidhana Soudha as part of the Karnataka Namakarana Suvarna Mahotsava celebrations organised by the Department of Kannada and Culture.

Speaking our mother tongue should be a matter of pride:
Everyone must decide to speak in kannada with those who live in Karnataka. A vow must be taken that no language other than Kannada is spoken. Kannadigas are generous. That is why there is an environment in Karnataka where even those who speak other languages ​​can live without learning Kannada. The same situation cannot be seen in Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Kerala states. They speak only in their mother tongue.

People living in Karnataka should learn Kannada:

It is the duty of all of us to create a Kannada atmosphere. For that, all the people living here should learn Kannada. We cannot remain silent like that. Kannadigas are not insolents. But love for Kannada should be developed. We should not become like the bigots in other states. But we should develop respect and admiration for our language, land and country, he said.

Work to be completed by November 1
The CM said that he hopes that Mother Bhuvaneshwari will inspire everyone in this regard. He said that the work should be completed by November 01, 2024. Work has already started and there is no shortage of funds too. Terming this as a a good work, the CM said that a bronze statue of about 25 feet height will be constructed in the premises of Vidhana Soudha. It is directed that it should be attractive to the people. We have installed statues of many politicians. He said, “I think the statue will add to the charm of the Vidhana Soudha.”

2023, November 01 marks 50 years since the state was named Karnataka. On this occasion, this year came to be known as Karnataka Sambhrama, ‘Hesaraayitu Karnataka, Usiragali Kannada’ slogan. We organized programmes for the whole year. The programme started from Hampi on November 01, 2023. A big programme was held in Gadag too. After the naming, the then Chief Minister Devaraja Arasu visited the place. It was during his time that the state was named Karnataka. Until then it was called Mysore State. Mother Bhuvaneshwari has been worshiped by Maharajas for many years. In Karnataka also we worship Mother Bhuvaneswari. He said that before and after the integration, are worshiping, respecting and commemorating Bhuvaneshwari.

Legislative Council Chairman Basavaraja Horatti, Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar, Kannada and Culture Minister Shivraj Thangadagi and MLAs were present.

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