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BBMP Chief issues IDs to manual scaveners

Bengaluru, April 22: As per the central government’s instructions, manual scavengers within the BBMP limits have been issued with identity cards. And, today, honorable Chief Commissioner Sri Gaurav Gupta issued identity cards to 8 manual scavengers symbolically.

Earlier, there was the practice of carrying night soil on the head. To eradicate it, the Government of India had brought the ‘Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Rules, 2013’. According to that, in 2013, 201 people who were previously working as manual scavengers within the BBMP limits have been identified through a survey. BBMP is taking up all the necessary steps to bring them and their dependents out of manual scavenging work and to create a convenient environment to lead life by engaging in society-oriented activities.

The 201 Manual Scavengers identified in 2013 are provided with a one-time Cash Assistance (OTCA) of Rs. 40,000 / – from the central government. 185 Safai Karmacharis already have been availed DBT direct payment.

Identity Cards are being prepared and distributed to the 201 Manual Scavengers identified in 2013 in the BBMP limits. Based on the identification cards, the manual scavengers allow rehabilitation facilities from the Government of India, the State Government, the State Safai karmachari Commission, and the BBMP. Identity cards are already being distributed through the Joint Commissioners of the zones concerned.

Manual scavengers left unidentified are identified by association/ organizations / other associations in 2018-19. Again a survey was conducted and 1,424 manual scavengers were identified and data was uploaded to the Government of India’s swacchatha Abhiyan mobile app. Facilities will be provided after approval from the central government.

All necessary steps will be taken in the BBMP limits to avail the facilities for 1,424 manual scavengers identified by the re-survey in 2018-19. Manual Scavengers who will get ID cards are eligible for all welfare programs, including student fee reimbursement, ‘onti mane’ facility, skill training, self-employment, and other welfare programs of BBMP. The BBMP aims to make society economically empowered by access to a dignified life. BBMP is taking the necessary steps to achieve this.

Today, on 21-04-2022, Identity cards were issued to:
1) Sri Munikenchappa
2) Sri Krishnappa
3) Sri Muniswamappa
4) Sri Mahalakshmaiah
5) Sri Ayyanna
6) Sri Hanumanthappa
7) Sri Venkataramana
8) Sri Narasimha.

Special Commissioner (Welfare) B. Sharat, Deputy Commissioner (Welfare) Muralidhar, Assistant Commissioner (Welfare) Rajeshwari, and other officials were present.

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