June 4, 2023


Truth Triumphs

Best Things in Life Are for Free?

GUEST COLUMN: Dr. N Prabhudev

Bengaluru, April 11: Money- It’s something we all need – you may be overtly driven to make more money because you think it will solve all of your problems.

Money is important because it gives you freedom and control. It gives you options in life. It provides security. Money can buy you happiness – if you spend it right. It’s only a tool to serve us. Once you let money take control you become enslaved to the consequences that result. Wealth has often been linked with immoral behaviour.

How much money is enough?
Money is not everything! But money is something! Often it is oxygen! What keeps the world going? Money!!! But the richest are the loneliest!
We are in the midst of discontent and living confirmations of Mark Twain’s point about the “limitless multiplication of unnecessary necessities. A number is not just a number. There are a ton of variables that you can’t control. So people prefer “Affluenza”- euphoric, contagious, socially transmitted condition of excess, anxiety resulting from the dogged pursuit of more!

My friend proudly announced that he had become a millionaire thanks to his wife! Many thought it was a rags to riches story and asked the husband what was he before marriage? He answered demurely- A Billionaire!

Days when air gently breezes your forehead, the smell of your favourite food is in the air or the voice of the one you love is close by- Not all days are as good. Smile is missing and we rest before we are tired!
The second-best things in life are very expensive. people will pay more for what they don’t need than for what they need. Best things are indispensable and are always with us, like air, sunlight and water.

Admit it, there’s nothing like a warm hug from one you love and care. Hugs are a lot more than just a split moment physical contact! You can’t put a price point on your loved ones. The Mona Lisa smile is often described as enigmatic, but it’s actually a classic ‘flirtatious’ expression. We laugh before we learn to talk. It’s an instinct.
Best Things in Life Are Free! My initial reaction is that nothing is free. You must pay for everything one way or another.

Nature I am told is the best and it is for free- Yes, Nature is a gift in itself and the best! We must cherish whatever nature has given to us. Nature is like mother. It is eternal. We are born in the lap of nature and finally blend with it as we depart. The gift of wisdom, the gift of knowledge, the gift of healing, to laugh, to think, to smile are all gifts. True the best are for free!
The flowers in spring and the robins that sing,
They’re yours,
They’re mine!
“The best things in life are free
Now that I’ve discovered what you mean to me – The best things in life are free
Now that we’ve got each other -The best things in life are free!
Love involves feelings of intimacy with concern and sacrifice for the person you love with fervour and passion. When we express love, we develop a strong emotional attachment.
Happiness comes from places other than money and materials! Material goods – satisfaction never lasts. Money will take care of luxuries. We need to take care of needs. Not Greed.
Money is an opportunity for happiness, but it is an opportunity that people routinely squander on fleeting happiness. Money can buy medicine. Not Health. Money can buy you degrees – not education!

Spend on experiences- like trips, concerts, or get-togethers —than on gadgets or clothes and cosmetics. Use money, may be even in small numbers, to benefit others rather than yourself. Trust me. You will be happy!

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