April 16, 2024


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BBMP contemplates on mandatory wearing of masks

Bengaluru, June 6: Cases of Corona are rising steadily across the country in general and Bengaluru in particular.

In an attempt to contain spread of dreaded Covid -19 in the city the BBMP has contemplated on making wearing of masks compulsory. Marshals have already been instructed to ensure public are made aware of importance of wearing masks, said Harish Kumar, special commissioner (Solid Waste Management).

BBMP Special Commissioner Harish Kumar

Nevertheless, marshals are not authorised to levy or collect penalty from public for not wearonv masks.

Meanwhile, tests have been rampdd up to check corona cases. The tests have been inctreased to 20000 per day from the present 16,000.

If the cases are on the rising graph then the other covid apptopriate behaviours will be reintroduced.

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